Monday, May 19, 2014

Wise Craft: Wood Embroidery

I was recently introduced to the book "Wise Craft" by Blair Stocker from my friends at Seattle Handmade. There are SO MANY great ideas and inspirations in this book! The author of this book is also doing a craft contest. I LOVE a good contest or challenge to keep the creative juices flowing!
I was inspired by the sewn furniture project.(Page 155) I have a case of unfinished wood frames (Craft hoarders unite!) and loved the idea of embroidering them. I think this $1 frame now looks like a million bucks and it was SO FUN! Here's what I did: First I drew the detail I wanted to embroider. Second, I called my neighbor who hoards machinery like I hoard craft supplies and asked if I could use his drill press. He said "YES!". After drilling I base coated the frame with a bright green acrylic then cut colored tissue and mod podged it over the painted frame and holes. I use tissue because it has nice clean edges and I prefer the translucent look to acrylic layers. Once the mod podge dried I began stitching. I used a basic back stitch. Voila!

Monday, May 5, 2014


Yep! It's another CRAFT NIGHT OUT! I'm looking forward to seeing you all!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tissue Transferring

For the most part I am pretty brave when allowing kids to do group art on one canvas. I have had those moments of being nearly complete though when the next to last little artist comes up and decides to smear orange and purple paint across the entire piece. This of course results in many sad little artists and me trying to scramble and figure out a solution. This time I decided to try a new method. I created a tissue transfer technique that lets the kids create with less stress of "messing up" (their words not mine) and I can also create a final composition based on the final art provided by the kids. It's really simple and the finished result is fantastic! Just use white gift tissue. Nothing fancy, just basic gift tissue. Color on it with Sharpie. Yes, Sharpie. You want the permanent ink so that it holds it's color. Once the drawings are complete cut them out along the edge of the color. Paint a canvas with your desired base color and once it is dry, mod podge the tissue drawings onto your canvas. Add any final line art to finish your art then cover with a final coat of mod podge. I use the gloss mod podge because it has a more vibrant finish. The matte tends to be a bit foggy. I did this with two classes this fall. Both classes were 1st-3rd graders.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Craft Night Out: DIY Rubber Stamps

Our first Craft Night Out was a wonderful success! What a great group of creative people to spend an evening with! I had so much fun I am doing it again! This time we will be making our own custom rubber stamps. If you have a name that you can never find spelled correctly, this is a great opportunity to finally have your own personal stamp. It you are an artist that would love to reproduce your artwork as a stamp, this is also a great opportunity for you OR if you just want to stamp a little luv around Valentines day, COME ON DOWN! Be sure to purchase tickets through the BrownPaperTickets link to reserve your space. Space is limited and can only be guaranteed with a pre-purchased ticket.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


I am so flattered by all the people that have requested a Craft Night Out. I have finally made it happen and I am over-the-moon excited about this opportunity! I decided to start with paper embroidery. It's perfect, just before the holidays and works great for those that have never touched a needle and it is a great extension for those with traditional embroidery skills. We will make some one-of-a-kind gift tags, greeting cards and even stitch the front of a journal that you can keep for yourself or gift someone for the holidays. The venue I have booked is Luther's Table in Renton. It's a great location that will allow plenty of space for crafting and if you work up an appetite they have a full bar and menu available. Space is limited so get your tickets here.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Me vs. Zombie

My son has been enjoying the game Plants vs. Zombies. This inspired him to want to be a bucket-head zombie for Halloween this year. While we were discussing the options of how to do it he decides that wrangling up a couple card board boxes and a bag of balloons would be enough to create his vision...errr...excuse me. He thought it would be enough for ME to create my vision. How could I let my kid down, right? After all he apparently believes I have some crafting super powers.(He might be right.) I did need to add some Mod Podge, tape, newspaper,and a bucket to the supply list. I built the base structure on a cardboard box (making sure it fit my sons head) using balloons and masking tape. Once I had the overall shape of the head I went old school using paper mache. My version of paper mache is newspaper drenched in Mod Podge. It's much faster and needs less layers. Once the form came together I needed to figure out eyes. I bought 2 foam balls from the toy section and slipped them into some opaque white tights. I pulled the tights through 2 holes in each eye socket and tied them off on the inside to secure them. When the mask is on my son can see through the nostril holes. We added a $3 suit jacket and a tie from the Goodwill to finish it off. It's been a ton of fun. I've also kept my "super-crafter" title with my kids. Happy Trick-or-Treating!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Just a Glimpse

Another glimpse of my design work. I like to throw it in here and there just to mix it up a bit. These are designs I created for the Mass and Mid-Tier retail markets. I think no matter where my creativity takes me I will always be creating printed graphics. After all, where else can you illustrate with glitter?!