Thursday, August 28, 2008


We've all heard of Bridezilla. Well, Groomzilla is what you get when you design a wedding invitation for a groom that is also in the creative industry.

Drory and Marcee were great to work with and I teased Drory about being "Groomzilla". He had very defined ideas and knew what he wanted...and what he didn't want. I think the final design is really solid and suited Marcee and Drory's wine themed wedding perfectly. (Wine themed but not too grape like and not too vine like as requested by groomzilla himself) Drory had his hand in the graphics and also used his skills to draw up the map for the direction card. I must say, Drory draws a mean map. You're hired for maps Drory!

This wrap design has been my answer to the ever-so-popular pocket fold. It's a great way to be able to customize the actual wrap and keep all the important bits and pieces where they belong too.

Not just invites...

I've been busy,busy, busy with wedding season and things are finally slowing down a bit since all my brides and grooms are off celebrating their new lives together. That makes more time for the clients I have that aren't in the market for invitations.

This business card was for Sandy Taylor. She is a personal trainer and needed some marketing pieces for her new and quickly growing client base. Sandy specializes in training women and does private workout sessions in your home. She wanted her pieces to have a strong design but also be somewhat feminine. I even hired Sandy to whip me into shape. I'm sore just typing this.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Photography by Jenny Jimenez

HUGE thanks to Jenny Jimenez for sending me these great shots of Natalie and Jakes wedding. It's always great to get pictures from the couples I work with. It's even better when they hire great photographers! (and it doesn't hurt to throw in a picture of a baby either)

Check out Jenny's site and her amazing work at

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Custom Programs

In addition to the invitations and fancy cake, Natalie and Jake also had custom programs designed to complete their big day.

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Custom Cakes

Well, it's not everyday that a graphic I create turns into a fancy dessert. Natalie and Jake had requested the graphic I designed for thier wedding invitations so that they could have it on their cake. Of all the interesting requests I have recieved this is definetely a first. I'm crazy about how it turned out!

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Natalie & Jake

I heart Natalie and Jake! This photo doesn't quite do their wedding invitations justice but I have to say that they were REALLY fun to do! Jake knew he wanted something to hold everything together and Natalie had an idea of the graphic style they were looking for. All the pieces came together and I was able to design a small pocket to hold everything together and fit into a standard A2 envelope. I really like the smaller size and look forward to playing with the pocket concept more.

Baby Shower Favors

Since Ellie (the dog) is an important member of the family we decided that it was important that she was included in the baby shower celebration. All of the shower favors were sugar cookies shaped like dog bones with a topper stating Ellie's appreciation. Of course it was signed "Big Sis".

Just a side note. Baby Grace (the human) has since entered the world and Ellie is adjusting perfectly to her new role.


Save-the-Date magnets are popular these days. As a big fan of refrigerator magnets I always tend to agree that sending out magnets is a great idea. I did these magnets for Brooke and Kyle attached to a card announcing their date and accommodation info. Brooke also chose to do a matching postcard (inset). It was fun to do something as casual as a magnet but spicing it up a bit by using some specialty stock and some Victorian inspired graphics.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ravishing Radish

The awesome folks at Ravishing Radish Catering have invited me to display my work at their monthly tasting. If you'd like to check out their menus and get more details on the tasting check out (the urge to make a comment about radishes and tomatoes is overwhelming. I will resist though.)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Favor Packaging & Labels

As promised here are the labels and packages I had displayed at the Seattle Wedding Show.

The ideas for favor packaging are endless. You can make it fit a really tight budget or you can go a little crazy and spend,spend, SPEND! The best way to work with me on favor packaging is to decide what you would like to give as your favor and decide on a budget. From there we will chat about a few wedding details and I can work up some packaging solutions for you. If you already have some packaging in mind but just want a custom designed label to spice it up a bit I do that too!

Your options for packaging and labels are not limited to the samples shown here. These are just to get your gears turnin'.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Wedding Show- Day 2

WOW! What an experience to stand for 2 days and talk to literally 1,000s of people.

I met so many great people and today was a much steadier pace so I had a chance to really chat about ideas and details with a lot of brides and even some grooms. My favorite was to see some of the brides back again today after doing the show yesterday too! You are SUPER troopers! I'm already getting a lot of inquiries from all of you so I will be in touch as I work my way through the e-mails (and soak my feet!).

Happy Planning!!!!

PS I haven't forgotten about updated samples from the show. Photos coming soon! Promise.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Wedding Show- Day 1

Well, well, well, after much planning and even more anticipation the wedding show has finally hit. I couldn't have asked for a better turn out to my booth and I met some really fantastic people! I'm looking forward to finishing up the show tomorrow and getting my scheduling done so I can get some really great projects going.

If you stopped by my booth and don't see the sample you were looking for on my website, hang tight. I will be photographing all the samples displayed in my booth this coming week and getting them loaded here on my blog.

Thanks again for stopping by!