Sunday, March 9, 2008

Natalie & Jake

I heart Natalie and Jake! This photo doesn't quite do their wedding invitations justice but I have to say that they were REALLY fun to do! Jake knew he wanted something to hold everything together and Natalie had an idea of the graphic style they were looking for. All the pieces came together and I was able to design a small pocket to hold everything together and fit into a standard A2 envelope. I really like the smaller size and look forward to playing with the pocket concept more.

Baby Shower Favors

Since Ellie (the dog) is an important member of the family we decided that it was important that she was included in the baby shower celebration. All of the shower favors were sugar cookies shaped like dog bones with a topper stating Ellie's appreciation. Of course it was signed "Big Sis".

Just a side note. Baby Grace (the human) has since entered the world and Ellie is adjusting perfectly to her new role.


Save-the-Date magnets are popular these days. As a big fan of refrigerator magnets I always tend to agree that sending out magnets is a great idea. I did these magnets for Brooke and Kyle attached to a card announcing their date and accommodation info. Brooke also chose to do a matching postcard (inset). It was fun to do something as casual as a magnet but spicing it up a bit by using some specialty stock and some Victorian inspired graphics.