Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Photography by Jenny Jimenez

HUGE thanks to Jenny Jimenez for sending me these great shots of Natalie and Jakes wedding. It's always great to get pictures from the couples I work with. It's even better when they hire great photographers! (and it doesn't hurt to throw in a picture of a baby either)

Check out Jenny's site and her amazing work at www.photojj.com

Photo Credit: www.photojj.com

Custom Programs

In addition to the invitations and fancy cake, Natalie and Jake also had custom programs designed to complete their big day.

Photo Credit: www.photojj.com

Custom Cakes

Well, it's not everyday that a graphic I create turns into a fancy dessert. Natalie and Jake had requested the graphic I designed for thier wedding invitations so that they could have it on their cake. Of all the interesting requests I have recieved this is definetely a first. I'm crazy about how it turned out!

Photo Credit: www.photojj.com