Friday, December 10, 2010

Poor, poor forgotten blog

Ok, seriously, I am going to try a new approach to this poor forgotten blog...

As my business has grown and the opportunity to expand my business has happened I have found myself getting more and more away from invitations and falling back on my roots of providing graphic design services. I love the creative challenge that new clients bring to me and it is rewarding to be able to help them grow their business all while getting to jump into new things for myself.

I have been adding new equipment and can offer many services directly. Many times I surprise my clients when I tell them some of my capabilities. Although I would like to think that my offering of internal services is an advantage it really just comes down to me really,really liking print equipment. Some call it "asset building". I might refer to it as "collecting" but the term my mother might call it is "hoarding". Don't worry though. No missing cats in this house. Just a lot of creative possibilities!