Thursday, March 3, 2011

New and Exciting!

I am slightly obsessed with all things creative. Ink, printing, design, you name it. I am also a huge fan of kids crafts. I look at kids crafts as a challenge just like designing invitations for a bride or a new logo for a start up company. It's truly a passion of mine and now I have found a home!

Tomato-Tomato, Creative Space is the official name of my new arts and crafts space inside Creative Mom Toys. Creative Mom Toys is a fantastic toy store that specializes in developmental and educational toys. It's the PERFECT fit for my creative space and I am thrilled that Cheri (the owner) is brave enough to let me in to her beautiful new store to get crafty!

Check out to reserve a space in one of the classes offered.
If you live near the Renton, WA area be sure to stop in and say Hi. We'd love to see you.
Creative Mom Toys 840 N.10th Pl, Suite A • Renton, WA 98056 (just east of the movie theater) Phone: 206-388-3940

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