Friday, March 11, 2011


This craft was in Family Fun magazine and I couldn't resist doing it with the Creative Tots! Luckily I have my friend Jackie who loves shoes so she supplied all the boxes for the class. Thanks Jackie!

I made a few edits to the original recipe of this craft. First we wrapped the boxes in white butcher-like paper then cut the holes for their feet. The kids (mostly 2 years old) painted their boxes with the bingo paint daubers and added collage items for extra detail. The toe nails are sponges cut into triangle shapes. (If you buy new sponges for this be sure to let them dry out. Damp sponges don't stick or cut very well.) This craft took about 45 minutes an dried quickly. I'm already waiting for Jackie to buy more shoes so we can do it again. Ahem...Jackie?

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Ludicrous Mama said...

You might be able to hook up with a shoe store. Lots of people don't want the boxes when they buy.