Tuesday, August 9, 2011


If you have ever been to one of my classes or even happen to slightly know me, you will most likely know that I TRULY believe that glitter makes everything better!

This week with my Creative Kids we are making picture frames. I was doing this frame with my buddy Sage today. He had "messed up" and was a bit frustrated. I decided that I "messed up" too and voila! Who knew scribbles could be so stylish? After I finished my scribbling I felt the frame was calling- ok screaming- for glitter. Once the glitter and glue dries on this frame I will be covering it in a 2 part epoxy along with

all the other masterpieces made today. (Dear Parents, I will not subject your children to the exposure of epoxy. I do that in my home studio where I only suffer the brain damage. Not your kids. Aren't I so nice? and thoughtful? ok, kind of sweet too?)

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