Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Relief Printing

When I meet a young artist that loves drawing I can hardly wait to show them all the various printing methods they can use to print their illustrations. My little friend Tessa is a HUGE fan of drawing and this relief printing project was great for her. She is only 7 and already has quite an art style.

This technique is done by drawing on a piece of styrofoam with a ball point pen and using block printing ink to print. Great for greeting cards, art prints and all ages too!

Magnet Madness!

I recently went on vacation for a week up in Canada. What better to do outside by the lake than CRAFT?! My kids, husband, 2 nieces, mother-in-law and great Aunt even got into the magnet project. We did bottle caps and wood plaques. To finish them I filled and coated them with a 2 part epoxy. Can't wait to make these in class with my 6-10 year olds!