Sunday, August 12, 2012

Celebrating Baby!

The luxury I have of being completely passionate about all things design and art is that I can translate it to almost any medium or purpose. One of the ways I spread my love of creative problem solving is in event planning. I do this on a very limited basis because as you can imagine, I dive in full steam ahead and it tends to occupy a lot of my time. This summer I chose to take on hosting a baby shower for my pet loving, dear friend Beth. She is like my little sister (one of 3) and I could't think of celebrating my excitement for the arrival of her little peanut in any other way than FULL STEAM AHEAD. The sugar cookie dog bones were packaged with a note from all of her and her husbands pets saying "Thank You for celebrating our new playmate". Floral bouquets were in vintage glass milk bottles, the wagon bouquet was once a $3 red wagon at the thrift store until I got my glittery hands on it and a gourmet sundae bar for dessert topped off the warm summer afternoon. Doing events like this makes it hard for me to say "no" to more event planning. I had so much fun and I think all our guests did too!

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