Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I HEART the Container Store!

You see the projects I come up with and have you ever wondered "Where does she get all this stuff"? Maybe you think "She must spend a fortune on craft supplies". Well, not really. I organize craft swaps where people bring all of their supplies they are done with and swap them for free for other crafty bits. It's perfect for a junkie like myself. The problem. Organization! I see all sorts of things that inspire me to create a new project but storing them in an orderly fashion is not really a gift I have. I have stored lots of my little bits in tennis ball containers for years but as I create more projects for large school groups I have more and more stuff that needs a home in my art space. I finally decided to see the professionals! I went into the Container Store and was greeted by a wonderful woman named Tiffany. She listened to my needs and together we kick started my new storage system. After 2 visits and a couple hours of problem solving it was complete! I am THRILLED with my new space and feel the need to have a craft-warming party! I am also relieved to dodge the bullet of being selected for an episode of Hoarders.

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