Friday, September 28, 2012

POP goes ART!

Today was my first class at Highlands Elementary teaching art for the PTA Reflections art contest. I got a chance to spend the afternoon with one of the 2nd grade classes. I chose a Pop Art lesson for this group thinking that the bold colors and graphic shapes would be right up their alley. I guessed right! The kids really had a great time and I am so impressed with their work! In addition to using bright color palettes and dot patterns to have a pop art feel they also had to keep in mind that their painting should be something that represents the theme of the art contest. "The Magic of a Moment".
Cory knew right away what he was painting. He wanted to paint the first time he made a basketball shot. This picture doesn't really do his work justice.
Jocelyn was haveing a great time creating many layers using paint daubers to create layers of dots.This reminds me of Warhol's Diamond Dust Shoe piece. (an example I showed the class before getting started)
I am thrilled with Gino's work. So fun and festive!
Belliny was very focused. Her layers of flower shapes were very intentional and she was confident with every stroke of her brush.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the beautiful art the kids had a chance to create! You make wonderful things happen Kelly!