Friday, September 28, 2012

POP goes ART!

Today was my first class at Highlands Elementary teaching art for the PTA Reflections art contest. I got a chance to spend the afternoon with one of the 2nd grade classes. I chose a Pop Art lesson for this group thinking that the bold colors and graphic shapes would be right up their alley. I guessed right! The kids really had a great time and I am so impressed with their work! In addition to using bright color palettes and dot patterns to have a pop art feel they also had to keep in mind that their painting should be something that represents the theme of the art contest. "The Magic of a Moment".
Cory knew right away what he was painting. He wanted to paint the first time he made a basketball shot. This picture doesn't really do his work justice.
Jocelyn was haveing a great time creating many layers using paint daubers to create layers of dots.This reminds me of Warhol's Diamond Dust Shoe piece. (an example I showed the class before getting started)
I am thrilled with Gino's work. So fun and festive!
Belliny was very focused. Her layers of flower shapes were very intentional and she was confident with every stroke of her brush.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I HEART the Container Store!

You see the projects I come up with and have you ever wondered "Where does she get all this stuff"? Maybe you think "She must spend a fortune on craft supplies". Well, not really. I organize craft swaps where people bring all of their supplies they are done with and swap them for free for other crafty bits. It's perfect for a junkie like myself. The problem. Organization! I see all sorts of things that inspire me to create a new project but storing them in an orderly fashion is not really a gift I have. I have stored lots of my little bits in tennis ball containers for years but as I create more projects for large school groups I have more and more stuff that needs a home in my art space. I finally decided to see the professionals! I went into the Container Store and was greeted by a wonderful woman named Tiffany. She listened to my needs and together we kick started my new storage system. After 2 visits and a couple hours of problem solving it was complete! I am THRILLED with my new space and feel the need to have a craft-warming party! I am also relieved to dodge the bullet of being selected for an episode of Hoarders.