Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Millefiori Mirror

Millefiori is Italian for "Millions of flowers". This is a technique that comes to life as you layer and roll different colors of clay together creating a "cane". It's also done in glass. I had never tried either medium but I was pretty sure it would make a great auction project. I pulled the basic supplies together. A pasta maker for rolling the clay out, a long razor blade, a baking matt and FIMO. The kids and I discovered the process together. I learned quickly that the easiest way to somewhat maintain consistency is to control the color palette. The kids had 5 colors of clay to work with. It was their choice as to what colors and pattern they created within those 5 color choices. Some would even borrow others work and add to it. It was a great collaborative project. Once the canes were completed I sliced them and baked the pieces. The 3rd year kids in the class placed the pieces into a mirrored frame. I poured a 2 part epoxy over the pieces to complete the project. My favorite moment while doing this project was when the teacher approached me and said,"You've done this before. right?". HA!! My response was, "OF COURSE I haven't!"

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