Friday, March 8, 2013

Wonders of Water

Yep. It's another class art project. I can't get enough of them! One day I might get myself to just go get a ceramic bowl and put the kids hand prints on it. Until then I'll stick with my crazy ideas. (Or at least see what happens when they sell at auction in 2 weeks.) When I work with a class I first talk to the teacher to see if he/she might have a specific theme to their year or studies. This teacher happen to be focusing on water. All things about waves, ocean, sea life, etc. She also mentioned that she thought it would be cool to do a large painting of something water related. I was inspired and after a couple weeks of research and planning I came up with this composition. It was a great way to have the kids (ages 3-5) each apply their own piece (the mosaic fish) and also work collaboratively to make everything else come together. The response has been wonderful for this piece and I am excited to hear how it goes over at the auction. I'll be sure to keep you posted.