Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Epson LabelWorks Ribbon Printer: MUST HAVE!

I was recently invited to a craft party at Ugly Baby and LaRu (check out this awesomely crafty store in Seattle at the Pike Place Market. to test out the Epson LabelWorks Printable Ribbon Kit. When I first heard that there was even such a device I was THIRLLED! I was a little concerend I might just be excited about a sparkly new gadget though and it might not live up what I had built up in my mind. It LIVED up! IT WENT BEYOND! and now I MUST purchase one! There are so many icons, emoticons, font choices, ribbon colors, and borders that you can truly customize your ribbons for packaging, gift wrap or craft projects. It is incredibly easy to use and one of my favorite features (beyond its large assortment of icons and font choices) was how easy it is to change the ribbon. You can switch out the ribbon colors in a snap. Literally. You just pop out the ribbon color you are done with and snap in the new color you'd like to use. It's VERY user friendly. I was able to customize this mirror project just by printing out the letters vertically from the Epson Labelworks printer and feeding a little extra ribbon out between letters. Notice the cute little kitty icon? YEP! That's from the animal icon library. My overall opinion on this is "GO GET ONE!".

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Print, Stitch, Stuff

My kids and I recently had a week vacation that was ideal to test out some homemade screen printing. I asked my son to draw his favorite animal. He drew a thorny devil. We traced it onto some chiffon fabric and placed the fabric in a embroidery hoop. After that we painted Mod Podge on the fabric everywhere we did not want ink to come though. Once it dried we added some screen printing ink and I cut a cereal box up to make a squeegie. The print worked great. Since we had a 7 hour drive home I decided to add some embroidery details. The possibilities are pretty endless with this. I can't wait to start another one!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Glass Etching Delight!

I once heard that glass etching was really easy. For some reason I fought that concept and kept putting it off thinking there would be a lot to figure out. I WAS SO,SO WRONG! I decided to pick up a package of good ol' Martha Stewart's Glass Etching cream. It is BEYOND EASY!!! I tested it on a jar I had at home with some masking tape and followed the directions on the package. IT WORKED! EXACTLY HOW SHE SAID IT WOULD! Thanks, Martha! Since I was planning a little craft-luncheon with my mother-in-law and some of her friends I thought this would be the perfect project. IT WAS! I grabbed some stickers and boarders (from the scrapbook section) and some glass coasters. The ladies LOVED IT! My daughter (6) also did! She used heart stickers and peace signs to decorate a $1 store candy dish. GO GET THIS PRODUCT! It's WORTH IT! (at $24 a bottle it is worth digging up a coupon though) **************** Now of course you don't think I would just buy a packaged product and be content with it's intended results do you?? I wanted to see what this cream would do on colored glass. I bought an inexpensive glass candle holder and put one of the stickers I had found on it. It was a BIG FAIL! I also tested the curing rate at different times to see if that would make a difference. Nope. It still failed. Just listen to Martha and follow her instructions on this one.