Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Paper Messay

Yep. That headline is correct. "Paper Messay" This project has to go down in the books as my messiest project yet! I have a class full of fearless artists in my after school arts program. We had glue from head to toe! Also, I was feeling adventurous and let them use the bleeding art tissue to color their hot air balloon. The end result was really cool. I'm pretty sure their hands will be flesh tone again sometime before they start high school. (They are currently in 2nd and 3rd grade) Sorry parents! Over all this project was a blast and the kids really got into it.
We taped a balloon to a disposable drinking cup for our base form and covered it in the newspaper and diluted Mod Podge. After the base dried we covered it again with the bleeding tissue soaked in mod podge. The kids added rhinestones, silk flowers and streamers as a finishing touch. I HIGHLY recommend table covers and floor covers for this project. A well ventilated area would be a big perk too.