Saturday, April 13, 2013

Design. Create. Repeat.

So, it may seem confusing at times trying to understand what it is I actually do. My passion in general is creative development. My bread and butter is graphic design and my unstoppable urges usually fall into all things crafty. I spend a significant amount of time doing freelance graphic design. Once again I thought I'd show you a bit what I do beyond crafty-goodness. Here are a few of the posters I have designed. Needless to say there are many more where these came from.


The Cedar River Montessori Auction has come and gone. With the flash of a numbered paddle and some quick talking by an auctioneer the masterpieces created by 5 different classes have found new homes. I was pleased to hear that the art raised a record amount for the school. The kids pride showed in the finished work and I was happy to be part of it's success.