Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tissue Transferring

For the most part I am pretty brave when allowing kids to do group art on one canvas. I have had those moments of being nearly complete though when the next to last little artist comes up and decides to smear orange and purple paint across the entire piece. This of course results in many sad little artists and me trying to scramble and figure out a solution. This time I decided to try a new method. I created a tissue transfer technique that lets the kids create with less stress of "messing up" (their words not mine) and I can also create a final composition based on the final art provided by the kids. It's really simple and the finished result is fantastic! Just use white gift tissue. Nothing fancy, just basic gift tissue. Color on it with Sharpie. Yes, Sharpie. You want the permanent ink so that it holds it's color. Once the drawings are complete cut them out along the edge of the color. Paint a canvas with your desired base color and once it is dry, mod podge the tissue drawings onto your canvas. Add any final line art to finish your art then cover with a final coat of mod podge. I use the gloss mod podge because it has a more vibrant finish. The matte tends to be a bit foggy. I did this with two classes this fall. Both classes were 1st-3rd graders.