Monday, May 19, 2014

Wise Craft: Wood Embroidery

I was recently introduced to the book "Wise Craft" by Blair Stocker from my friends at Seattle Handmade. There are SO MANY great ideas and inspirations in this book! The author of this book is also doing a craft contest. I LOVE a good contest or challenge to keep the creative juices flowing!
I was inspired by the sewn furniture project.(Page 155) I have a case of unfinished wood frames (Craft hoarders unite!) and loved the idea of embroidering them. I think this $1 frame now looks like a million bucks and it was SO FUN! Here's what I did: First I drew the detail I wanted to embroider. Second, I called my neighbor who hoards machinery like I hoard craft supplies and asked if I could use his drill press. He said "YES!". After drilling I base coated the frame with a bright green acrylic then cut colored tissue and mod podged it over the painted frame and holes. I use tissue because it has nice clean edges and I prefer the translucent look to acrylic layers. Once the mod podge dried I began stitching. I used a basic back stitch. Voila!

Monday, May 5, 2014


Yep! It's another CRAFT NIGHT OUT! I'm looking forward to seeing you all!