Friday, October 7, 2016

Magical Pink Kitty

When I post finished art from my little artists I wish I had enough characters or appropriate hashtags to explain the magic that happens in an art lesson. Take for instance my Preschool Art Studio class. These kids are 3 and just barely 4 years old. This particular artist had never drawn a rectangle, triangle or circle intentionally. So we talked about the shapes, we made dots for the corners and then connected the dots to create the shapes. We combined our new knowledge of shapes to draw a cat out of those same basic shapes. The kids beam with pride! I do too! It is powerful to watch the connections happen. When we went to paint our drawings my little artist wanted a pink kitty. I gave her a dark magenta and she politely asked if she could have some white. She wanted to make a light pink kitty. PROUD TEACHER MOMENT! (We worked on color mixing in previous classes!) I often use the hashtag #bestjobever. It's because I really do have the BEST. JOB! EVER!

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